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Humans are driving me insane.

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[My 500th post]

Man is fundamentally sadistic.

Starting from biblical times, we burn heretics at the stake, crucify and stone sinners to death, feed slaves to the lions… Or, we drag our womenfolk by the hair to bed them and eat our fellow villagefolk for supper.

How much have we advanced since then?

Write an ‘antichurch’ bestseller and we burn your effergies. Suffer from a little stress and we torture little kittens. Get some education and we treat the others like idiots. Have a little money in the bank and we treat our workers like animals.

Selfish, egoistic, defensive, corrupted, greedy, lustful… what have we learnt from our forefathers?

For a little more money, for a little more love, we hide our dignity and integrity behind locked doors. We let ourselves be manipulated, tortured, humiliated…

We have none, we want some. We have some, we want more. We have more, we want something else. Ultimately, we want everything. For free. And it has to be of the finest quality. And it must come with impeccable service. How many of us can be rude to demanding clients and get away with it?

For the past month I’ve had to deal with 2 extremities. Both of my clients are rich – filthy rich. The first client, well her husband owns a company. She flies all over the world with him blah blah blah. Because she is so free, she spends so much time bothering us with changes here and there. Yes, she is willing to pay for the changes. But she doesn’t realize that my working hours aren’t only meant for her sole usage. If I only had 1 client, then sure, my every working breath would be to be at her beck and call. But the world isn’t so wonderful.

My other rich client owns a thriving factory. Stereotypical Chinese business man, has all the money in the world to own a flaming red sports car, but too stingy to spend it on others. Looks down on anyone other than his mirror reflection, he refused to meet us during initial contractual discussions. When he walks past us, he pretends we’re invisible because we’re not good enough to talk to him. When we requested to meet him because he was the main decision maker, he’s too busy. But when we have drawn up the full contract, suddenly he’s free to pick on every single clause. Wants everything to be cheap and good and hopefully free.

I tell myself that I’m working, doing a good job, capable to handle everything on my own. In fact, I’m simply being paid to be a puppet. Led by the strings, forced to nod and pull up the corners of my mouth, only taught to look good and say “yes”, never to have an opinion. I always thought I had control over my destiny. Is that how I want to live the rest of my life?


Written by smudgi3

May 15, 2006, Monday at 23:49

Posted in Insanity

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