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I’ve recently become addicted to Ouran High School Host Club. Pretty boys get to me – I can’t get enough of them. What makes them even more attractive is their vulnerability. That is, how calm and collected they seem one moment, and then a second later, their angelic face turns demonic. So cute!

Japanese manga almost always revolve around school and classroom interactions. With the exception of Initial D, most of the anime I like such as Azumanga and Da Capo depict school life. OURAN is the name of a high school for the rich and famous. Our female lead, of course, is poor but a genius, that’s why she managed to secure a scholarship to the school. The male leads are the ultra rich, the ultra pretty and the ultra popular. So bored were they that they formed a Host Club to entertain the bored, rich and easily amused females in their school. Our female lead was mistakened for a guy and pulled in to be the Club’s slave, but soon gets ‘upgraded’ to become a male Host. She gets found out by the members really quickly but unfortunately, she has become one of the more popular host in the Club, so her real identity has to remain under covers. Hilarity ensues.

The manga is not as good as the anime, though. I must congratulate the animators. The plot is sort of jumbled in the anime but it’s really hilarious to watch the facial expressions instead of having to imagine it. Can’t wait for the next episode.


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May 11, 2006, Thursday at 23:47

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