stripped bare

White Rage

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White is a color that people often associate with purity and innocence. To be poetic, white is sometimes described as quiet, clean, restful, beautiful, and empty even.

But I’ve never seen a color as dangerous as white. Anger, always red or black, never white. Why is that so? White, being as clear and untainted as it is, has the potential to be as powerful, or more, as black.

I have experienced an indescribable anger, but there was only one color I saw : White. As my whole body trembled with rage, my thoughts charged with untamed violence, my knuckles pale from the tight clench, I closed my eyes and saw nothing but white. My limbs, stiffened by the convulsions, stricken with pins and needles as the blood raced in all directions.

White. Antiseptic. Blinding. Revengeful.


Written by smudgi3

April 24, 2006, Monday at 23:14

Posted in Insanity, Insight

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