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So shoot me.

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Today, I oiled the creaks in the rusty engine that is my brain, to prepare it for my exams at the end of the month. Yes, I should be panicking, but when you’re as low as I am… Nothing fazes me anymore. Exactly one year ago, I struggled to make it through, kept the “God helps those who help themselves” mantra going, suffered sleepless nights and horrible nightmares… And I stilled failed.

Well, since God isn’t free even for those who almost died helping themselves, then I shall take it in my own hands. I tried my best and I failed, so this year I should try my best-er? HA. Short of sleeping with my enemies (imagine fat, lumpy, smelly, badly-dressed, stiff upper-lipped British University professors) who decided to make my life hell by not passing me, I’ll just give myself a break and take it slow.

Don’t nag. I’ve heard the same things 5 years over, and I’m about up to HERE with people who are getting on my nerves.


Written by smudgi3

April 22, 2006, Saturday at 23:59

Posted in Dear Diary

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