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How people change.

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Last week, I went to your shop and bought more than $70 worth of items without even blinking an eye. Your staff told me I could come back within a week to exchange the t-shirt for a different size as I was unsure then. You made me wait for 10 minutes at the cashier because you were slow. Your staff apologized on your behalf but I didn’t mind at all. While you were processing my purchase, you even flirted with me a little and asked me if I wanted to apply for the VIP card.

Today, seven days later, I returned with your overpriced t-shirt to request for an exchange to a larger size. You gave me ‘The Look’ before scrutinizing the t-shirt, all the way down to the price tag which I hadn’t removed. You asked your staff to attend to me but didn’t forget to remind me that “This is your final exchange alright?” – as if I’ve done this many times before. I smiled at you and said “Sure”, because I decided then that it would be the last time I’ll patronise your shop.

J thinks you might have had a bad day at work, but in my opinion, that’s none of my fucking business.


Written by smudgi3

April 19, 2006, Wednesday at 23:38

Posted in Insanity

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