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This week, I spent more money than the last 2 weeks combined. And I probably ate just as much. Starting Saturday, I’ve already eaten at Sushi Tei twice, bought 3 pairs of new shoes, many accessories and a new top. And it’s not even the weekend yet.

Recently, I look into my wardrobe every morning and find nothing to wear. There are many many things in there, but I just can’t find anything to wear. Do you get what I mean? I just don’t feel like wearing any of the togs I pull out from the heap, and those that I find remotely wearable, I’ve already worn them last week. Now to add to the torture of having to get up every morning to take the long ride to Holland Village for work, I have nothing to wear! Aye, me! AND to make things worse, I have a “singlet-tan” from last month’s Aerospace exhibition that is so ugly when I wear spaghetti straps, so that automatically cancels out a quarter of my wardrobe. The only solution is to go ‘re-tan’ myself properly but I hate getting tanned – mine takes forever to wear off!

So you can imagine my frustrations every morning, and I vent them off every evening after work shopping and eating…. grrrrr. Thinking about it only makes me angry.


Written by smudgi3

April 13, 2006, Thursday at 18:46

Posted in Dear Diary

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