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Of course I’ve thought of moving out.

Which girl, in her teenage angst years, hasn’t thought of packing her bags and walking right out that prison cell they call a home? It all seemed like an easy solution at that time, but who’d think about rent and bills? Not ’til you’re older, wiser and world-lier… There are also other stuff to consider, like, would you get along with your housemates, or what if they have terrible bad habits? I sure have heard horror stories of how couples break up after they started living together because they can’t stand each other’s habits.

I don’t care about rolling up the toothpaste tube, or leaving the seat up after use. I’m not exactly a neatfreak though I do display certain traits of obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Sometimes, after locking up the door and having taken the lift down to groundfloor, I’d go back up again just to make sure I had closed the windows and switched off the bathroom light. However, that could be due to the fact that I might incur my mother’s wrath if I had indeed left the window open and it rains. You know, shit happens.

J and I have thought of moving in together umpteen times, but for the lack of money and parents’ blessings, we can only fantasize about it. After so many years of being together though, we are more of less aware of each other’s habits and have given each other the “If we were living together” talk. We’ve come to a “Live with me, live with my idiosyncracies” compromise but that can be a really dangerous idea. You never know when a small matter might compund into a breakup later on. There are some things I absolutely can’t stand though.

1. I cannot stand smoking in my house. You may try to smoke at the balcony but you bring in the smell on your clothes and it stinks ’til tomorrow.
2. Ice. When it has come to point when you need to use the ice from the ice tray, don’t you find it irritating when u discover that the last person who used it, didn’t refill it with water?
3. My brother has a habit of leaving behind less than a quarter of a cup of milk, or sometimes even cereal, behind in the carton. I mean, who’s he leaving it behind for? The hamsters? The best thing is, his reaction to my glaring is “At least I didn’t finish it, ok.”
4. Clothes dumping. Unless you’ve just had sex, used clothes should be in the laundry, and not on the floor.
5. Toilet paper. One word. Lazy.


Written by smudgi3

April 3, 2006, Monday at 13:56

Posted in Dear Diary

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