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My entire family went away on holiday without me and I’m left all alone at home. THAT MEANS J GETS TO STAY OVER!!!! A dream come true.

It was almost not meant to be, but whatever it is, I’m so happy this chance finally materialised.

Unfortunately, by the time we got back home and cooked supper, we were too far gone to actually spend time together. It was sleep and then work again the next day. It was traumatic having to leave for work while J was still sleeping but there’s not much of a choice. These are the times I wished I really wasn’t working, just like the good ole days. My wallet is fatter now, yes, but we were happier then.

Here’s what we were doing on the bed every night…

… SLEEPING! (Aren’t they cute???!!!) On our last night I was so sleepy I even rejected J‘s advances. Imagine that! I realised that there are more than 4 Chip n Dale items in my room, so I can finally conclude that they are my favourite Disney characters.


Written by smudgi3

April 1, 2006, Saturday at 19:11

Posted in Dear Diary

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