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Why I prefer cats.

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Dogs are such loveable animals. When they like you, they scramble excitedly up to you when you arrive at the door, they look at you with such loving eyes, they come running to you when you call out to them, they bark at strangers to protect you. They love and depend on you with all their hearts, all in return for sufficient food and a comfortable home. Sometimes when you teach them right, they do the tricks you teach them, just to get approving looks from you and a loud praise. Dogs tend to move in packs, just like wolves, that’s why they cannot be alone. You’ll see them at your feet all the time, hoping for a pat on the head, a treat, a hug. All in all, dogs wear their hearts on their sleeves. Simple and true. If you have a dog at home, you can forget about a clean and quiet home. Depending on how you take it, your life will be full of joy but you may also get irritated by how clingy they get sometimes.

Cats have a mind of their own. They’re usually unfriendly, they blink at you if you disturb their sleep, they sit across the room from you and give you meaningful stares, you call out to them when you think they’ve run out of the house, but they simply ignore you and stay where they were in the first place – at the window ledge. Whether or not they’re attached to you, you can never tell. Sometimes, they rub themselves against your legs for attention but when you try to carry them onto your lap, they twist themselves away. You can try really hard to teach them tricks, but most of the time, they’ll look at you with a disinterested expression on their faces. Cats hunt alone, like other bigger cats, so they prefer to be alone. You’ll see them at a corner, staring into space, and you’ll never guess what they’re thinking. Known to be protective of their young, people tend to overlook their gentleness. Nothing beats the feeling of a rare kiss on the chin by a cat, or the therapeutic sound of their purring, or how sensitive they are to your emotions. Most of the time, your cat will ignore you except for feeding time. But at least you’ll learn how not to take their affections for granted.

Don’t bring home a kitten you fell in love with on the street if you cannot understand or cannot live with a cat’s character. You’re probably better off with an ever-cheerful, ever-forgiving dog. Don’t tell yourself to live with the cat and hope it will turn into a dog someday.


Written by smudgi3

March 30, 2006, Thursday at 16:30

Posted in Insanity, Insight

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