stripped bare

Need to lose some before my next trip.

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I put on 1 kg during my trip to Tokyo. That’s a mean feat considering I’m someone who keeps a constant weight. I hardly put on weight, but it also means it’s hard for me to lose weight as well. We had 5 meals a day while we were there : A light brekkie of melon buns and milk/orange juice, an average lunch of curry rice or ramen, then a sinful tea break of cakes and sundaes, followed by a heavier set dinner, and ending with a stopover at the nearby conbini for late night snack and drinks before heading back to the hotel. Everyday for 7 days.

They say that when you’re cold, you hungry, and when you walk too much, you get hungry. Whoever ‘They’ are, they sure were right.


Written by smudgi3

March 16, 2006, Thursday at 22:33

Posted in Dear Diary

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