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The most expensive meal we had there.

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[Saturday, 04March, 1930hrs Tokyo]

We met S at Roppongi Hills. Thought we could go for a much needed wild night of drinking and grinding… But she invited her parents along. Oh well, change of mode to courteous and intelligent.

I had wanted to try an izakaya this time, and right on cue, without my even asking,they brought us to Watami. I must be more Japanese than I thought. I see more Watami outlets than McD’s there, so that could be a good or a bad thing, depending. But there’re 8 of us that night, so they gave us a cozy little private room. S‘s dad was vegetarian, but being the hospitable people they were, he ordered and ordered and ordered. And her mum, being a cooking teacher, was more interested in attending to the chanko nabe than eating.

Nama beer and sake was flowing freely, everyone was jokey and happy. A mere 3 hours and we were soon invited to their home at Saitama for our next trip. While pouring shochu into the father’s cup, I coerced him into bringing the family over to SG for a vacation. Language didn’t seem to be a barrier at all, laughter and a common goal to have fun overpowered the need to get too detailed on such small things.

Everyone went home red faced and jovial, except for me, of course. I need to get the pack into the right train home. Overall, it was a perfect start to this trip.

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March 15, 2006, Wednesday at 15:10

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