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My modem died on me on Sunday morning. Imagine : no internet on a lazy sunday. It’s almost torture to me. I tried sleeping but I couldn’t, as I’ve already clocked 12 hours of sleep. There was simply nothing to do. I guess humans can never be satisfied eh? We complain when we have too many things to do. We grumble when we have nothing to do. I really do empathise with old people, you know.

And then at work, the ex-Boss No2 (is she still my ex-Boss No2 if she’s no longer a partner in the company, but still signs cheques and gives me my pay when I joined the company?) refuses to handover the passwords for me to gain access to the internet on my PC. Because part of my job requires me to search for new suppliers, having no internet serves a big problem. I’d have to wait until my Boss is out on site so that I can use her laptop.

At least now that’s settled. So I conclude that I hate McAfee.

Anywas I received my examination parcel today. That solidfies the fact that I’m taking my exams in May, and I should start preparing for it, like 3 months ago. How do I describe the dread and the fear? It’s like you know the exact date that you’re gonna die, and you have to start organising an elaborate but pointless funeral for yourself, without which you’ll have to go through the entire dying process several more times. And then if this funeral wasn’t well organised, your soul stays in limbo after your death – you can’t go backwards, you can’t go foreword. Everyone laughs at you behind your back, your parents are disappointed at your inability, and all that money gone!

Oh the dread and the fear….


Written by smudgi3

February 15, 2006, Wednesday at 23:21

Posted in Dear Diary

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