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9 bursts of blossoms. Though small, insignificant compared to other more expensive species, often overlooked… but plentiful, sweet, adorable and strong.

Just the way love should be.

No it doesn’t seem like yesterday. Remembering so clearly only brings back bad memories; all the tiny trials and tribulations, I don’t want to bring up today. As with most recollections, hazy and unattached, that’s how I want to recall the last 9 years. Only then will we focus on the bigger picture. Like how, against all odds, we arrived at today. All the small unimportant gifts we bought for each other. All the countries we ‘escaped’ to. All the new friends we made…

All the temptations we had to resist, and how we never really strayed far. After so long, you are all I know, I’d be so lost if I were to leave you. I still look foward to seeing you after work. I still can’t wait to spend our off days together. I still must hear your voice before I sleep every night. I still want to dress up for you so I can hear your compliments. I still want to feel your touch on my body. I still want to carry on being with you.

Who, in their right minds, would embark on a journey that has no destination, no time limit, no clear direction? Only those who didn’t expect a shore to land on, a happy ending, a predictable future.

That’s us, baby. And we’ve got 9 years behind us.


Written by smudgi3

February 9, 2006, Thursday at 23:58

Posted in Dear Diary

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