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Show me the money.

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I just heard from my Boss today that one of my clients had just recently returned from a Weekend Detox programme in Australia. The entire package, excluding airfare but including a motivational talk by renowned Anthony Robbins, costs 20 grand per person.

Well, fuck me. If I had that amount of money to spare, that would mean I’d have lots more stored in a bank somewhere. Spend all that money starving myself? Sheesh. I’d rather :

  • Move to Japan and buy a huge-ass apartment (scarce in Japan)
  • Buy over a hotel and rename it after me
  • Buy myself a singing career
  • Write a book, publish thousands and buy them all if it flops.
  • Hire someone to kidnap Patty Hou, take her nude pictures, send them to Jay Chou and ask him what’s wrong with him.
  • Hire someone to take artistic nude photos of myself, send them to Jay Chou and show him what he’s missing.

Ok I was kidding. About point 4. Why would my book flop? Puh leaze. *rolls eyes


Written by smudgi3

February 8, 2006, Wednesday at 23:16

Posted in Dear Diary

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