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This Chinese New Year, I learnt many many things. Like for example, that I’m extremely grateful that my entire extended family are still so close and that both sets of my grandparents are strong and healthy.

However, I also learnt that I won’t be getting married and starting a family any time soon. Firstly, I really really enjoy collecting ang baos (don’t you?) and not suffering a loss. I mean I won’t be as unreasonable as my mum (who takes back whatever she deems rightfully hers from my overflowing box of red packets) because I won’t deprive my child of the enjoyment of throwing his/her red packets in the air and then counting them greedily on the last day. Secondly, I really really detest young children. I could say “No, my kids won’t turn out like them” but who’s to guarantee that my children will have Kevin Bacon’s eyes and be like the well behaved child that I was? Yes, some kids are adorable, but I lose interest after awhile. I can’t help but be the Auntie with the disgusted face when the whole horde of kids run into my house playing tag and barely missing the glasses on the table.

Did you learn anything this CNY?


Written by smudgi3

February 2, 2006, Thursday at 22:01

Posted in Dear Diary

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