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I’ve just watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Well, more correctly it should be titled Hasty Recollections of old Sayuri. I dunno. I expected tragedy, emotions, details, tears (from me, that is), but I’m really sad (pardon the pun) to say that, there were none.

The only scene that really got me mesmerized was the one where Sayuri was lead performer in the dance that was her bold debut into the geisha world. Not that I could understand what all that snow and killer platform slippers were about, but it was probably the most highly charged scene in the entire show. And why weren’t any of the main geishas a real Japanese? I thought it would have added a little more credibility to the whole point of the movie.

I think Zhang Ziyi has been typecasted into these sort of roles. In the last movie I watched that she starred in, she also did a very beautiful dance, and also had her robes pulled down her shoulders. Lots of deja vu there.

I understand it would be hard to compress the entire novel into a mere 2 over hours, and I have a feeling it’s gonna be the same for The DaVinci Code. This only goes to show how much of a nerd I am, always preferring the book over the movie screen.


Written by smudgi3

January 20, 2006, Friday at 23:54

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