stripped bare


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It’s freeeeeeezing.

And I love it. I can almost pretend it’s Autumn. Just almost. I close my eyes, and feel the air around me twirl, faster and faster. Then when it finally slows down, I’m somewhere else. Somewhere far away. A strange yet beautiful language fills my ears, the air smells different, the traffic sounds different, the sights achingly familiar. Memories fight for space in the area behind my eyes, zooming everywhere, incoherently.

I feel a little nauseous, probably from motion sickness, then I feel my insides falling, a sinking feeling. My eyes pop open, and my imaginary world sucks into a vacuum at the corner of my mind. I look around me, disoriented, then realised that I hadn’t moved at all. Maybe my soul did. Everything was as it should be. Unfortunately.

I sighed and trudged on with my life. Then I felt the cold. The lonely kind.


Written by smudgi3

January 12, 2006, Thursday at 23:28

Posted in Dear Diary

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