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The first of many ‘print-to-screen’s this year.

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Narnia was a surprise. It did the book good. Or maybe I should say that it was better than the book. Contrary to how the Harry Potter movies had to cut out many important scenes from the books to make it within the time limit, Narnia the movie had to add in many scenes to fill out the time. Bad acting from the real people, very questionable ‘blue-screen’ moments, but extremely professional performance from the animals, especially the horses (“My name is Philip” *rolls eyes) and The Beavers, and a very charming Faun (but then again, I have a thing for effeminate men).

If you watched the movie first and wanna read the book, don’t bother.

Coincidently, J had just finished reading a book called Derailed and was telling me about the implausibilties of the scenerios in the book, when we saw at the cinema that a movie with the same name was screening. And yes, it is an adaptation of the book. Sheesh. And then there would be The DaVinci Code.


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January 7, 2006, Saturday at 23:58

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