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For the first time, I went shopping at Ikea, and actually bought something. For me. J went along to keep me company and it felt just like a date. (*muaks!)

I moved in with my family 2 years after they shifted to my current place. Imagine my horror when I saw my mother’s ‘creative’ mind at work. When my dad had seen my face when I saw my room, he had smiled woefully and said “I should have asked you about the decor before letting your mum do it.”

Previously I didn’t have the chance to do up my room – no space. Now the freedom of space is getting to my head, so it inspired me to do some ‘organisation’ to the chaos in my room. Organised Chaos, haha.

Usually I scrimp on myself but paying that money to the cashier was so satisfying. I felt so adult, like I’m finally able to make decisions of my own. My mum tried to interfere of course, when I told her about what I was going to do.

“So untidy lah, girl.” (“No it’s not.”)
“You can put your toiletries in the bathroom…” (“No.”)
“Waste money.” (“I don’t care.”)
“Put here where got nice?” (“I like.”)

Ahhhh. So grown up.


Written by smudgi3

January 6, 2006, Friday at 23:27

Posted in Dear Diary

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