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A hungry man is an angry man.

A hungry woman is an irritable, foul-mouthed, kid-pinching, elderly-pushing woman. Don’t stand in my way, and hurry up with my dinner already (or I’ll spare the pig and have YOUR intestines for dinner).

My beloved handphone has been giving me alot of problems lately. It switches off by itself, especially when I need to make a call immediately. It gets pretty frustrating, but I love my handphone too much to wanna change it. It has less to do with a faulty phone than it has to do with a loose battery. You know how the batteries are all on the outside now? I suspect that everytime I flip open the cover of the clamshell it loosens the battery, and that’s what’s causing the phone to switch off. What do I do, tie it with a rubberband?

On another note, I came home early today (as in straight after work) to catch up on my reading and spend some time in my “new” room. I cast away my Murakami because it was giving me too much of a headache. Murakami’s books always make me think, and thinking is not what I want to do when I’m at home. Sleep, yes. Stone, yes. Play mahjong, yes. Think, NO.

So I dropped Murakami momentarily for a more riveting read. It’s another of those government conspiracy do that I’m so inclined towards. However, this comes with a slightly interesting twist in the form of Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna cult. Yummy huh?


Written by smudgi3

December 28, 2005, Wednesday at 23:20

Posted in Dear Diary

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