stripped bare

How do you like my sexy new look?

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It’s so gorgeous I could just sit back on my chair and admire it, nursing a snifter of whiskey in my hand.

Yeah, as if.

I just had a banana *burp* milk shake from Billy Bombers, while J had a Cookies and Cream. So yummy, it’s like a meal in itself. Add a full plate of meatloaf and mashers, and I’m walking out of the place like a pregnant woman. One night’s pleasure, and 3 weeks of working-out pain. So worth it.

J bought a Panny VS6. If my GD88 were to keel over and die on me one day, the VS series would be the ones to take its place. Now Singtel’s having a promo on VS2. I want money!!! Except my darling GD88, I always left the buying of new mobiles to Fate. It’s really weird, these things. Those times when I start drooling over a particular new phone, the one I’d be using at the moment would start breaking down. And that would leave me with no choice but to buy a new one. I call that Fate, what would you call it?

Mum just came into my room and shoved a Crazy Horse brochure in my face. Then she started droning on behind me on how her table was right in front because she got a VIP ticket and she could see *gasp!* beyond the dancers’ g-string. And that 5-course dinner was nothing special but the 6 of them got to share 3 bottles of champagne blah blah blah… If only she knew that her daughter prances dances nude ‘artistically’ too and her partner gets much much more than seeing beyond g-strings… Poor Mum would probably squirt all that champagne out of her nostrils.

[I keep burping banana, J are you burping Cookies and Cream?]


Written by smudgi3

December 9, 2005, Friday at 23:45

Posted in Dear Diary

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