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I’m in the process of rearranging the furniture in my bedroom for the new year. My mum consulted her FengShui master and discovered that next year would be a bad year for me. (Yeah, what’s new?)

So she removed one of the beds from my room and gave it to my little cousin. Not bad. That’s a $900 (excluding depreciation) Christmas gift from my mum. So after getting used to sleeping with 2 beds, I now have to squeeze into one. And that would also mean that my friends can’t stay over anymore – unless they’re willing to sleep on the floor. The good thing is, with one bed gone, a lot of space has been opened up. But that only highlighted to me what a hoarder I am. I probably have more things than a Karang Guni man! What makes it worse is that I can’t bear to throw anything out. The things I keep usually contain some sort of memory, either a gift or a souvenir from my travels. How does someone throw out things like that?

The Feng Shui person also advised my mum to remove anything red or yellow from my room. She went to the extent of removing my Strawberry Shortcake doll because it was pink. “Better to be safe than sorry mah…” I asked her in all seriousness if I should remove anything orange or brown too but she couldn’t give me a defnite answer. I tried to remind her that Christmas was coming soon and that it was inevitable that I would have something red in my room, and moreover, red was one of my fave colours. My wallets are red, my bags are red, my mug is red, the voodoo doll hanging from my handphone is red, the shorts that bloody Mickey Mouse is wearing on my handphone pouch is red, the cheeks on my Pikachu (which is yellow) soft toy is red… And I have to keep these things “Out of sight”?

Yes I complain, but things really haven’t been well for me these few years, and like all the superstitious aunties we see outside the temples everyday, I’ll keep those viciously coloured things “out of sight”, and pray for a good year next year.


Written by smudgi3

December 7, 2005, Wednesday at 23:04

Posted in Dear Diary

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