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Bear with me, I’m having a relapse.

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Exactly 2 years ago, on this day, J and I were in Japan to see Dido’s Tokyo Showcase.

But I still remember every detail like it was only last week that we were there. How we took different airlines and I arrived an hour earlier; How I went to give myself a treat at Starbucks at the airport while waiting for J to arrive (and finding that I had forgotten to adjust to local time so J‘s plane was actually arriving at that very moment); How I stood at the arrival hall waiting for that bright, familiar face to appear from behind the screens…

It was and still is very surreal, dream-like, almost a fantasy that has come true.

I remember going for drinks at a pub in Roppongi (and how I puked it all out on the way back to the hotel); I remember trawling down the lanes of Ameyoko taking in all the sights and smells; I remember how the ryokan felt more like a home than a hotel; I remember the shops at Nippori like it was my own neighbourhood; I remember the strangely drab colours of the buildings I see when on the subway; I remember hurrying past shady shops at Kabuki-cho while trying to steal glances at the same time; I remember gorging on the bentos everynight… And I remember Disneyland.

あ~~~ 日本人になりたい!!!!
(I wish I was Japanese!)

*Photo taken from sushicam.


Written by smudgi3

October 29, 2005, Saturday at 13:30

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