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What did you call my beloved country?!

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I’m sitting at my computer desk, my emotions mirrored by the thunder and lightning outside the window behind me. What a powerful imagery that makes.

I sat fuming as I read the replies other bloggers have vomitted back at XiaXue for her cringeworthy post on handicapped toilets. Okay, so she’s on my Favourite Reads list. Everytime I read her blog, I come away feeling more matured and intelligent (ah hem!) than I already am, but I think she doesn’t deserve all the name-calling and the projections made by the readers that all SGreans behave like her.

XiaXue is not representative of the people of SG. Who died and proclaimed her LKY? It’s probably just an excuse for bloggers from other countries to slam SG. She’s just a scrawny scapegoat. Just like how nobody had named her Role Model of impressionable teens, nobody is gonna read her blog and be hypnotized by the pink frilly skirt on her blog. She is just one of those extremely fame-seeking young people that can be found in just any country. Come on, anyone who blogs and puts a hit counter at the bottom of the page is seeking some kind of masturbatory fame. XiaXue has been blogging for quite some time now, and the reactions that controversial posts get is exactly what makes her a supposed Celebrity Blogger. If people would just leave her alone for a minute, she’ll probably post more inane entries than insane ones.

What I really couldn’t stand was how some people took the opportunity to pull SG and the entire SG blogging community down with it. That’s hitting a little too low below the belt for comfort. That’s like the Pot (who’s wearing a trendy charcoal coloured suit) calling the Kettle black. Didn’t get the analogy? They’re the same. They’re just different shades of black.


Written by smudgi3

October 25, 2005, Tuesday at 15:03

Posted in Dear Diary

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