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Being angry is an expensive habit.

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Everyone has a violent streak in them, some overtly, most covertly.

Some take it out on others, some take it out on themselves. And the rest, take it out on technology. No, really. I have a friend who is extremely mild and logical on normal days, while us girls rant and rave and gossip, he sits at a corner and analyzes the situation. However, I have heard of how irrational he can get. When his wife complains that he spends too much time on the computer, he reacts by cutting off the cables in anger. Hard to imagine him doing that.

Today I witnessed his wrath. To emphasize how angry he was, he threw his handphone onto the ground. I was shocked. It was as if there was no one else around him. He didn’t care that people might be watching. My eyes grew as large as saucers. Why take it out on the poor phone??? It costs money to repair or buy a new one, and here’s the thing: You’ll have to pick it up afterwards. That’s so uncool, especially after showing how manly and macho you were.

But then again, throwing inanimate objects may be expensive too. Plates, china, glass… pillows are good, so are soft toys, but you’ll find that at the times when you need to hurl something, cushy things like feather pillows are usually not within reach. Then it would be most uncool to look around for something to smash that isn’t expensive.

Getting angry is so inconvenient. Must learn to be like me. Just hurl vulgarities.


Written by smudgi3

October 21, 2005, Friday at 23:54

Posted in Dear Diary

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