stripped bare

Standing at my window

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I love the build up before the storm.

How the winds caress my face,
how the clouds gather above,
how the trees sway in anticipation (or fear?),
how the traffic seems to move a little faster,
how the air fills up with the smell of rain…

I stood at my window for 10 minutes just feeling this.
I love having the time and the ability to do this.
When I finally get a job I’m gonna miss this.
I realised that I enjoy being alone.
I just sent on my resume to a job agency after much coercion by my mother.
Soon I will lose this freedom.
I don’t care about the voices of reasoning that tell me I need to find a job.

There must be a way out of this.


Written by smudgi3

October 18, 2005, Tuesday at 14:02

Posted in Dear Diary, Insight

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