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New cure for sore throat

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I’ve been having a very crusty throat since Tuesday. Everynight, I feel as if some minutely small organism is standing menacingly at my throat and shoveling sand into it.

Ice cream didn’t help.
Honey lemon didn’t help.
Starfruit juice didn’t help.
Strepsils didn’t help.

But McD’s HotCakes sure did!

Eating McD’s in the comfort of one’s home is pure luxury, and it’s my fave breakfast meal from McD’s too. I don’t know if it was the butter I slathered on or the maple syrup, but after the meal, my throat felt much smoother than before, and it wasn’t that bad last night either.


Written by smudgi3

October 13, 2005, Thursday at 23:04

Posted in Dear Diary

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