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Oh dearie me.

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All I had was a glass of Vodka 7up last night.

12 hours later, the area behind my knee started to itch like mad. It started out like a mosquito bite, but another 12 hours later, it became a full fledge alcohol-induced allergy. Because it’s raw, it looks slightly pinkish. But on closer look, you’ll see thousands of tiny raised bumps all congregated in one area, causing that area to swell up to twice it’s original size. When it finally stops itching, like one week later, it’ll turn red and finally, brown. So you’ll not see me in skirts for the next 2 weeks or so.

Because I don’t drink anything else, I can’t figure out if it’s only vodka I’m allergic to. Beer and wine haven’t caused me much sorrow. I only read somewhere recently that I may not be allergic to the histamine or sulphites found in the alcohol. What alcohol may do is make me more sensitive to the normal things I get allergic to, like dust. So if I drank alcohol at a dust ridden pub I’ll get rashes the next day. Nice theory, but that doesn’t help me much.

I also found out that an abnormal loss of eyelashes is called Deplumation. But there’s so little info on it on the web, and a few websites even called it ‘tumor of the eyelids. Lordy, that scared me to death.


Written by smudgi3

October 8, 2005, Saturday at 22:13

Posted in Dear Diary

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