stripped bare

I scare myself sometimes.

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I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately.

I’ve become disinterested in everything. A usually opinionated person, I found I’ve been out of words recently. Listening to music doesn’t perk me up anymore, even shopping has become a less therapeutic experience. I just walk in, pick a few colours, walk to the cashier and try to sign my misery away. Hanging the paperbags off the crook of my elbow always seemed to make me feel good, but now I just stuff them all into a big carryall.

The games I used to find addictive has bored me, the programmes I love watching now turn me off, I’m channel-surfing even faster than before. Sleep eludes me. Words leave me. The sun scares me.

Help me.


Written by smudgi3

October 1, 2005, Saturday at 23:29

Posted in Dear Diary

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