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*Pats myself on the back

I’ve finally sent out my first 2 resumes in 4 years. What a relief. Now that I’ve done it, there’s no stopping me. It’s always sending out the first one that’s creepy. You worry about the language in the cover letter, you worry about insufficient qualifications, you worry about the interview…

One of the ads gave a email add for which to send the resumes to. It doesn’t exist! Being someone who isn’t easily defeated (ok so I’m desperate), I sent it to to,,… One of ’ems gotta get there, right? WRONG! They all returned. How irresponsible is that? They have just denied themselves an extremely self motivated and capable employee.

Sigh. I wanted that job.


Written by smudgi3

September 13, 2005, Tuesday at 15:52

Posted in Dear Diary

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