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Who got you into such fury?

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I wouldn’t have minded if it rained like that everyday for a few hours. Minus the ‘too-close-for-comfort’ thunder and lightning. It’s frightening.

I appreciated the cool weather and the calm after the storm. Afterall, this is nothing compared to Katrina. A little discomfort with the wet clothes and the soaked slippers, yes, but I could finally wear the sweaters I have abandoned in my wardrobe.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo, which is an Earth sign, that’s why I embrace Rain. Yes I complained about it when I was preparing to go out. Who likes going out in such weather? I could have stayed in, ordered some comfort food (yum pizza!) and just watched the drops spreading out on the tiled balcony. But I’m no novelist.


Written by smudgi3

September 12, 2005, Monday at 18:35

Posted in Dear Diary

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