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My best birthday present yet.

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Thank you, my dear friends, for making time for me amidst your busy schedules, for your generosity (lookie at all my branded presents!), and for being so sweet to me.

Thank you, also, to those who made the effort to put a reminder on your handphone to message me at 12 midnight. Thank you and your phone for remembering. =D

Thank you J, for making me laugh though I’ve had received some bad news, for the surreal hotel stay, for letting me feel good about myself, and of course – thanks for the hot sex. =P

My best gift was from London : My exam results. Thank you for wasting 4 years of my life, and for taking another one. You love me so much you don’t want me to leave, huh? Yeah, fuck you too.

I didn’t get anything from my parents this year. No harm done. Every year they asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I’ve never given them a definite answer because I was never really sure what I wanted. So they ended up buying me a camera (to be shared by the entire family), a photo printer (to be shared by the entire family) and other forgettable stuff that have been shared by the entire family. This year though, I knew what I wanted : a Creative Zen Micro. I waited for them to ask me so I could say it loud and clear. But they didn’t, and hinted about a bank overdraft or 10. Oh well, I’m 25 now, I’ll get it myself.

And now, all I need is a bloody job to complete this circle of happiness.


Written by smudgi3

September 7, 2005, Wednesday at 15:25

Posted in Dear Diary

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