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Someone visits me at night

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In less than a week, I had 2 dreams. Different content, same theme, same reaction : I woke up crying.

When I opened my eyes, I was kicking widely in bed, 2 rivers of hot tears gushing down my face. I can’t decide if I was feeling frustration, desperation, pain or fear. Maybe all, maybe none.

This morning, a reverse reaction : I cried moments before I fell asleep from fatigue. I had memory flashbacks. Doesn’t one get flashbacks only when they’re about to die?

– my accident 2 years ago. How I could have prevented it. How I should have gotten hold of the person before she got away. How I could have made her pay for my medical expenses. How I could transfer to her some of the emotional turmoil no one understood.
– my students. How they look all lethargic when they see me but become alive when I ask them about computer games. How I may miss them at the end of the year.
– smells. Of a long forgotten childhood.
– adrenaline rushes. From somewhere.
– and other forgotten memories

Why is this happening?


Written by smudgi3

August 23, 2005, Tuesday at 15:44

Posted in Perversion

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