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Ever since my brother’s got his bike license and recently his new bike, he’s been behaving like a moron in love.

Because I’m the only one in on this secret, I imagine that he has to contain his excitement and happiness and only show it when I’m around. Therefore everynight when I come home and enter his room to turn on my comp, he’ll turn to greet me from his comp with a wide toothy grin and laugh maniacally but soundlessly. That’s why I used the word maniac. It’s kinda scary looking at a face full of teeth and see it shaking noiselessly.

He has also been in extremely high spirits. He actually said “Bye!” breezily to me this morning when he came to my room. In the morning grogginess, I thought I dreamed it, but no, I saw him speeding by in his new bike (he was careful to take a separate route from the one my parents usually take) and I could almost feel his joy. The day he bought the bike, he came home with his eyes on fire, looked me right in the eyes and said, “This feeling is indeSCRIBable.”

Yes, I believe he’s finally and truly fallen in love.


Written by smudgi3

August 20, 2005, Saturday at 12:32

Posted in Dear Diary

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