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The Reverse Job Application

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Smudgi3 Inc.
A highly motivated and committed individual is looking for a job, hopefully in the writing or music industry. She doesn’t mind MarComm or Advertising either. However, she has NO experience in these fields whatsoever. She does have experience in Sales, Hospitality and Customer Service but unless the pay is good, she’s never gonna touch that area again (The payoff’s just not worth it. And no job prospects either). With a Diploma in Hospitality and if things go well, a Degree with Honours in Business, the job should be able to satisfy her challenge needs and her monetary needs. And probably her time-off needs too.

Job Scope :

  • Focuses on quality of work, and not quantity. And punctuality too, for that matter.
  • Satisfies high challenge needs and be interesting enough to keep her awake.
  • Best if work is part-time or can be done from home.

Prerequisites :

  • Office should not be insanely inaccessible by bus or MRT
  • Colleagues should not be gossipy, backstabbing and Office Politicians
  • Praise should be given freely when deadlines are met.
  • All remuneration and benefits apply.

Prospective employers should email her anytime with a detailed contract explaining what they can do for her and a recent photograph of what her office will look like.


Written by smudgi3

August 16, 2005, Tuesday at 14:24

Posted in Dear Diary

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