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Frustrations of a job applicant

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I would have been content to live like this forever (or at least until I become discontented). Getting a meager but comfortable income from tutoring, being able to sleep late and wake early, staying on the computer for as long as I want, having lots of time on my hands, and maybe even travel overseas (as in take an aeroplane somewhere, not Sentosa) twice a year.

Yeah I would have been contented.

But though I come from a dual income family, the parents aren’t exactly company hotshots. To makes things worse, the father loves his car, the mother loves her shopping and the brother loves spending the parents’ money. So the daughter can’t afford to be lazy.

I’m sick of looking at job ads, reading between the lines, feeling disappointed at those that seek only experienced personnel, feeling jaded that there are plenty of jobs out there but none that apply to me… My mother’s nagging my ears off. I need a blinking job!


Written by smudgi3

August 15, 2005, Monday at 23:06

Posted in Dear Diary

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