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2 days of Japanese food

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Yesterday, we went to Miharu, an established ramen chain in Sapporo, located at Gallery Hotel. There’s limited seating and they don’t take reservations, so it was extremely lucky that an empty seiza-style table was waiting for us when we got there. When inside, it’s almost a little piece of Japan. The chef is Japanese, the staff speaks Japanese, and half the customers were Japanese.

The special thing about Sapporo ramen is the addition of corn and butter as condiments. I hardly order ramen when I’m in SG, because firstly I’m not a ramen fan, and also because I’m sceptical about the quality of ramen and soupstock here. Now that I was at a restaurant that serves only ramen, I didn’t have much of a choice. I’m glad to say that the ramen at Miharu was delicious. You have a choice of either miso, shoyu or shio. Do try the special blend if you go there.

Then this afternoon, I finally tried Pepper Lunch at Taka. Basically, the food (pepper beef/chicken/hamburger/steak) is served to you on a hotplate, so you sorta get to cook the meal yourself. Everything looked delicious on the menu. One thing though. Stay too long in there and you might come out of the restaurant smelling like your dinner. I was surprised to know that some of the service staff there were Japanese. You can’t miss the blond curls and barbie-doll makeup. The raw caramel soft serve is heavenly. The things there are expensive (at $14 for a set and $2 for ice cream), but oh well, that’s the thing about novelty.

In the evening, I was being dragged to Sushi Tei at Paragon again, since J is addicted to the curry udon there. And when J likes something, we’ll just keep eating it until we get sick of it. Luckily the Paragon outlet serves wonderful food. The Zaru Soba was good without being bland and the Hotate Miso Mayo was delicious as ever. I’ve GOT to learn how to do it at home.


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August 13, 2005, Saturday at 23:58

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