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It’s not as if I have big feet. They’re only size 6 and half. And I don’t have a large surface area either. I wear a loose size 10 and maybe even a tight 8 if I feel like pushing it.

However, judging by the number of times people on the streets elbow me, step on me, push me and bump into me, you’d think I have the body area of a giant buffalo that people can’t NOT bump into. Well, I’m easy but I don’t encroach on others’ personal space – I usually like to keep an arm’s length away from the crowd. But somehow, someway, someone would just injure me by their inconsiderate ways.

There is not a single time I don’t have a bruise on my body to serve as evidence to this. Let’s just take this week as an example. I have a blueblack the size of an infant’s fist on my thigh from being pushed at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market. Just yesterday I was elbowed by an overeager passenger trying to get into the mrt. Then 3 minutes into my wlak out of the station, an overweight boy ran over my right foot to his mum, who pretended not to notice. I have a light bruise on my arm and had my skin torn off 3 of my toes.

C suggested that I have a problem with my reflexes. But just like I would scream if I unsuspectingly came head on with a cockroach whereas I would have normally remained calm if I saw the cockroach approaching first, I’d move out of the way if I sensed potential threat. But seeing that I always stay away from crowds, these people just seem to appear at my elbow from nowhere.

And the funny thing is, much as I encounter such accidents, I hardly hear a murmur of apology coming from them. The women look at me haughtily before flipping their hair in my face, the ugly men look at me like I just bared my breasts at them, the children run to the mothers and look at me defiantly, their mothers just ignore me, and the senior citizens just don’t care ‘cuz they’ve been around longer therefore they own the roads.

Why don’t come cute guy bump into me instead, so that the files I would somehow be holding would fall all over the floor, and then we would accidentally exchange handphones when he reaches down to help me with my files. Then he would realise it first and then call me on his handphone to arrange for a day to meet up, have coffee and maybe exchange handphone numbers?


Written by smudgi3

August 11, 2005, Thursday at 22:23

Posted in Insanity

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