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My (Laughable) Shoe Meme

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Total Number of Shoes you own: 7

Fuck-Me Heels – 2 pairs
Casual Heels – 1 pair
Work Heels – 1 pair
Sneakers – 1 pair
Flats – 1 pair
Everyday-wear slippers – 1 pair

Shoes I rarely wear:

That would be all of the above except Casual Heels and slippers, because I hardly find the occasion to ask people to “Fuck me” anymore and I haven’t worked for like, 5 years and I only wear the sneakers and flats when I travel.

The last shoe you bought:

The slippers because the previous one died while I was at the library. I had to drag my right leg around while I went looking desperately for a new pair.

How many shoes do you have underneath your work desk:

My work desk would be my bed for the moment because that’s where I do the most of my ‘work’ like reading and writing and conceptualising and sleeping. I have one pair of bedroom slippers under my bed. Should I have added that to my list above?

Five people you meet in The Land of Shoes:

C because she’s SG’s Imelda Marcos
J because she has even less shoes than me.
Spirit Fingers because who else knows fashion like the back of her palm?
Wandering Songstress because I need to update my Birkies report.
Zyl because he’s the only man in the list.

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Written by smudgi3

July 30, 2005, Saturday at 12:40

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