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It’s been a year.

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[This is my 300th post!]

Yesterday, this blog turned 1. [YAYYEE!! WOOHOO! *wolf whistle] Yerp. It’s probably the longest I’ve ever kept a diary for – written or online. It’s been fun to entertain both my friends and the kind people who read my blog. I’m glad to have made some nice ‘online friends’ this way.

In this past year, I almost married Jay Chou, but alas! It was not meant to be. At least I’m luckier than some friends who married, but broke up in less than a year. However, who needs men when we can play an orgasmic game of Scrabble, or go all out on road rage playing the XBOX ? Who says women are difficult to understand – it’s the men with the problems.

Anyway, to fund my meager student’s allowance, I started giving tuition, but it has caused me more pain than joy. So I decided to go for a spa massage. Well, the spa didn’t exactly relax me at all, because once a month, I still get cranky. You want an example of how cranky I can get? Then let me tell you about the time I was awaiting my exam results. The school was late in informing us, can you imagine that?

Huh! Enough of exams. They remind me that my results for this year are coming. Let’s talk about Takagi’s point-n-click games. What do you mean you’ve never heard of him?! How can?! Ok, I’ll spare you this time. I know you guys are busy people. I’ll show you my puppy then. Sigh, isn’t he cute?

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I went to Tokyo in November, although I’ll have you know it wasn’t the most enjoyable trip. And just a few days after I returned, I went to Johor. Wooo I was jetsetting, man. And I also finally learnt how to play proper Mahjong. I was becoming… a TaiTai. Hahaha. In that same month, I saw Jay Chou in concert. Bliss. Then before you knew it, Christmas came and went. Then I got my Dream Phone. Then the much awaited Chinese New Year came and went quietly too .

This new year though, hasn’t been exactly eventless. My Grandma fell really ill, my lover found another , my body started changing, my dark secret crept up on me , I almost took part in Channel U’s SuperStar , and I was gonna fail my exams. But at least they were over really quickly , and I finally went to Phuture and got groped, and I finally watched the movie I’ve been waiting for since forever.

It’s been a cool year.

p/s Looking back at my posts, I realised I’m actually a very poetic person. Really lah. You see here?


Written by smudgi3

July 27, 2005, Wednesday at 14:16

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