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Bought a new pants today and it’s a Small!! Woohooo…! These retailers really know how to flatter their customers.

*Continues muttering : “I STILL must not have supper, and alcohol too. I STILL must not have supper, and alcohol too. I STILL…”


Learnt a new word today.

Umfriend noun A friend with whom one has/had/is having sexual relations. (This is Angeline. She is my, um, friend.) Much less crude than fuck buddy or make-out buddy.

You know, I’ve been wondering. Words are such dynamic entities. Print media in SG may not be ready to publish everyday expletives such as shit, asshole or fuck, but they seem alright with their colloquial counterparts.

Poor Mr Big Fuck has had his blog published as http://bigf*** – I’ve changed it here so you can still click on it but imagine how many potential readers have been misled, while Rockson Takumi Tan’s wonderfully giggle-inducing NKF post ( was published in all its glory. Recently, I’ve read a magazine where sh*t, a**sholes and d*cks littered the pages but it failed to edit a local entertainer’s favourite swearword ‘Nabeh’.

Maybe they didn’t know how many asterisks to put.


Written by smudgi3

July 20, 2005, Wednesday at 23:36

Posted in Dear Diary

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