stripped bare

It rains every freaking Tuesday.

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Why make it harder for me than it already is? Sheesh.

Most of my alcohol-induced rashes have gone, leaving a palm sized patch behind my knee. Lord knows why this time round, the rashes were really itchy and red. Those who have had rashes before would know that ‘rashes behind the knee’ are one of those really irritating ones. If you wear pants or jeans it’s difficult to scratch it, and in fact makes it worse due to the tendency for these areas to be moist and warm.

Now I can’t wear jeans. I can’t wear short skirts either because I don’t want the people behind me to think I have some sort of incurable disease because of the ugly, red, angry, itchy bumps behind my legs. I have to keep myself from crying just looking at the patch of red that just won’t go away. It’s so frustrating I can’t sleep well at night and I had to literally tie my hands up last night or I’d find myself bleeding slowly to death when I wake this morning (afternoon).

Grrrr. It’s making me edgy and the rain isn’t helping.

(Yeah yeah. I know I should prefer this to a hot and humid day that would have made my rashes worse. I’m just grumpy ok?)


Written by smudgi3

July 19, 2005, Tuesday at 15:27

Posted in Dear Diary

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