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Is it really true? Can I finally give myself the much coveted title of ‘Professional Bummer’ or ‘Official Slacker’? It’s been a month of eating junk, sleeping late, online gaming and stoning. Am I qualified yet? Everytime I see these titles under the ‘Occupation’ column in Friendster I get green eyes.

This afternoon, I was so bored I actually decided against playing Maple Story and just sit on my sofa and stare into the far distance. I was that bored. And yes. I LOVE IT. I love being bored. Oh yes I groan about it, but actually I’m secretly pointing an imaginary middle finger at the world and sticking out an imaginary tongue at all my poor friends shuffling their feet reluctantly back to their offices after lunch (at that time I just woke up – in fact I would have slept more if J hadn’t call).

Recently I’ve been busy (ha! busy) searching for a birthday gift for C. What the hell do you get for a girlfriend who has more clothes than you, more jewellery than you, more shoes than you… fuck that. She has more money than me! Surely whatever I can afford she could have bought something more branded and upmarket. (She wanted a Gucci bag – pui! I don’t even have an imitation passe Prada) I’ve come to realise that it’s easier to get gifts for guys. Just a simple handjob phone or a sexy little lapdance top and they’d be pledging their lives to you. Just think electronics. For girls, it’s all about taste.

You wanna get her a nice top, but oh, you have different taste in clothes. You wanna get her an accessory but hmm what you like she might not like. What a bummer. Next time hor, just a nice dinner and huge red packet for me can liao. (But my wishlist also got many nice things leh *wink)


Written by smudgi3

July 13, 2005, Wednesday at 21:33

Posted in Dear Diary

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