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What’s a few years of my life?

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When someone ‘pickpockets’ your wallet, it could be an act of desperation. When someone doesn’t return a handphone you left behind, it’s just your carelessness and bad luck. When someones steals your schoolbag when you’re not watching, it’s pure malice.

Who steals schoolbags?

Unless of course they look at your expensive skater bag and assume that your wallet, handphone, mp3 player and PDA are hidden among the piles of school books and textbooks in your bag. Luckily my brother not very rich, handphone in his pocket always, mp3 player spoil and don’t have PDA. But his exams are coming and now all his notes are gone. My poor brother, he can be damn suay sometimes. At least out of 5 times he loses things, someone returns then once. No luck for this time. Someone definitely was out to steal his bag.

I have never had anyone return the things I’ve lost, and that has hardened me for the reality of life. Now when I find a wallet, I feel a bit sorry for the person but I throw it into the bin instead of heading for the police station. If I find a handphone, then Thanks, Pal! 2 of my classmates had their school bags stolen a few years back, at a food centre, while they were buying their lunch. No valuables in their bags except notes and pencil cases. Too bad for the thief. But people really so desperate meh??

You may have to forcefeed me with cowdung before I’ll say outright that I love my asshole, insensitive, spoilt and parasite of a brother. But whoever hurts the people I love are indirectly insulting my existence. So to the guy who stole my brother’s schoolbag,

“May the hands that stole, rot beyond recognition such that when you touch your own genitals at night, it repulses the friction so much that it refuses to come to attention, and in fact decides to end its life by disintegrating away immediately, forever.”

Crude and tasteless, but befitting the guy that stole.


Written by smudgi3

July 7, 2005, Thursday at 23:22

Posted in Insanity

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