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Bald eyelids

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I wonder where my soul goes when I sleep at night. It is believed by some, that when one sleeps, his soul travels in a parallel universe and returns only when it’s time to wake.

Sometimes I get waken up with horrible hiccups that can only be cured by gulping down barrels of lukewarn water. It can even happen 3 times a night at worst.

Sometimes I wake up with numbness in any one of my limbs that goes away after a long period of time. At least this is alright because I enjoy the pins-and-needles part.

Sometimes I wake up with bruises on my legs that don’t hurt at all. I find that weird because surrounding me are nothing but soft toys and my soft toys are harmless.

Most times, I wake up with an eyelash inside my eye that irritates the hell out of me. Firstly, I don’t exactly have an endless supply of eyelashes. They’re countable, with maybe, 3 hands. Losing an eyelash is like losing a toenail to me. Secondly, I have extremely sensitive eyes. When anything gets near it, it reddens and waters immediately and doesn’t recover until much later. Sometimes it gets so bad in a smoky club, people think I’m crying. but actually it’s just the smoke irritating my eyes.

This morning, while trying to remove a stray eyelash from my eye, it suddenly occurred to me that my lashes may be dropping at a rate faster than the rate it’s growing back. So one day, horrors of horrors, I may end up with bald eyelids! *touchwood


Written by smudgi3

July 1, 2005, Friday at 13:39

Posted in Dear Diary

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