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What shall I talk about today?

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I could tell you about that idiot woman who crossed my path last night. (Don’t fuck with me, bitch. I look like an innocent little teenager but step on my tail and I won’t care if I embarrass you in front of your daughter.) To cut the long story short, we started following the woman and her daughter for a short period until she got scared and changed her route abruptly to stand among the crowd. Looking down upon her, the short fucker that she is, I replied a resounding YES?! to her faux challenging raised eyebrow. After that all she could manage was a weak “Nothing” before J and I swaggered off. Chicken shit. Thought she could challenge me. Huh! Doesn’t she know I’m a closet Ah Lian? Usually I would let these sickening people off but I was fueled by my good mood and wanted to have some fun.

Or I could tell you about the pervy pics I took with Jay Chou’s Initial D poster near my home last night. They were so wonderfully marvellous I would post them here if not for the fact that there might be underaged people surfing accidentally in here or that I’m supposed to be anonymous.

Maybe I should tell you about my first attempt at making J‘s current favourite curry udon yesterday. It was a success! The vegetables were melt-in-your-mouth good, the noodles were as al dente as you can get, and the curry was mmmmm (Vermont) delicious! Unfortunately we couldn’t get chicken so we replaced it with pork. All that lacked was onions. I could rival all those Japanese establishments out there.

I’d make a good wife.


Written by smudgi3

June 17, 2005, Friday at 12:29

Posted in Dear Diary

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