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I’m not free today, tomrrow, nor the day after.

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Now that my exams are over you’d think that all I do is laze around at home.

You’re so wrong.

On Monday I was coerced into doing housework. Today I had to change bedsheets. Tomorrow I have to help my dad write HIS report.

It happens about once every 2 months. I’d come home to see my dad sitting in the living room watching tv. Usually he ignores me, but on the days that he needs me to do stuff for him, he’d question me about coming home late ‘everyday’, shoot arrows at my ‘unhealthy lifestyle’, and then sound all fatherly and disappointed. After I’ve been properly chastened, he’d zoom in on his actual agenda – making me prepare his report/ complaint letter/ presentation/ itinerary.

Smart, isn’t he? Make me all guilty and weak, then strike! It was the same this evening. I came home swaggering cuz I was early (1130pm), only to be met by his cool gaze. Always home late blah blah sleep late wake up late blah blah fall sick easily blah blah waste money blah blah blah. Then he’d dramatically switch off the tv (to make it seem as if he waited up for me when in fact he had just subscribed to HBO), and then with his back to me : “Girl, help me draft a report on (classified information). Get it ready by tomorrow night.”

“Wah I’m your free, personal secretary ah!?”

“Heheh, help me lah, I’m very tired leh. Since you’re at home the whole day…” Closes bedroom door.

Bleh. Tomorrow I going Phuture leh. In the day need to prepare one leh.

I think I shouldn’t be so worried about not being to plan my career path yet. I’ve been getting good practice at home. Next time I look for a job I’ll just look under the PA section.


Written by smudgi3

June 14, 2005, Tuesday at 23:54

Posted in Dear Diary

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