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わたしわ日本人でわありません Watashi wa Nihonjin dewa arimasen

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It’s been a long time since J and I spent the day together outdoors (and by outdoors I mean shopping in town). So yesterday was really really enjoyable. I enjoy spending money, even though at the end of the day, I realised that the big bags we struggled to carry contained nothing for myself. Oh well, another time.

I love Japanese food. It’s a blessing that both my family and my closest friends enjoy it as much as I do. My family frequents Sakae (pronounced Sah-Kah-Eh, not Sah-Keh) Restaurant and a Chanko Restaurant at Bugis. The last few times C and I went out we ate at Sakae. The last time E and I went out we ate at Genki Sushi. Then yesterday and the day before, J and I ate at Japanese restaurants… endless! I might as well have been living in Japan.

What made yesterday almost perfect was the meal that we had at Sushi Tei (Paragon, the decor is simply gorgy!). J had Curry Udon, while I had Yakiniku Don. Then I decided to splurge on Miso Mayo Scallops …. how do I describe the feeling? *imitates the hosts on Japan Hour 美味しい!すごい!ほにとょうに美味しい!幸せ! “Oishii!!!! Sugoi! Hontou ni oishii! Shiawase!!” J had taken a picture of me putting the entire thing in my mouth. I realised just now that it looks kinda obscene, so sorry! No picture of me putting huge spongy thing oozing white stuff into my mouth.

slurping kare udon

delicious hotate miso mayo


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June 2, 2005, Thursday at 14:40

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