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How to deal with this – Part 1

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I live in a condominium in the east. My apartment is the only one in the building with a balcony and I live on one of the lower floors. My mother chose this apartment because she thought having a balcony would be different and she could do some amateur gardening. I love my balcony because we have a great view.

Until the state stamped its feet in jealousy and decided to build a multi-storeyed monster in the middle of the greenery and spoil the beautiful and unobstructed view of the sunset. Why the government decided to build ‘that’ (name of building is not used to protect the author) in such a remote part of town, I don’t know. Before that, I had an estate developer build another condo few kilometres in front of my balcony view, and therefore blocking the excellent nightline of the Suntec City area. Can you imagine being able to see Suntec from a low floor? Now you can’t, because it’s being blocked. Luckily I can still see the fireworks from the balcony during National Day. That’s not even half bad.

About a year after I moved in here, a manufacturing plant had decided to locate its headquarters here, right across the highway from my place. It used to be that when you went to the swimming pool downstairs, you could lie back at the jacuzzi and see nothing but blue skies, fluffy clouds and tall swaying palm trees. Yes, that was the wonderful view downstairs, you’d feel like you were at some resort in Bali. Now, you can still lie back, feel the bubbles of the jacuzzi tickling your back, but all you see is the gigantic, futuristic looking architecture right smack in the middle of a picturesque resort mirage.

Now that can’t be controlled, can it? My only fear is that in a few years’ time, all the greenery that is left would be replaced by more state buildings, more manufacturing plants, schools and all other useless things. Sigh. Nothing I can do about that.

And then came the upstairs neighbours.

To be continued in Part 2.


Written by smudgi3

May 24, 2005, Tuesday at 14:34

Posted in Insanity

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