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Once, I was very angered by the behaviour of someone I know. I set out to vent my anger onto my blog. I had already posted it when J told me that I might be abit too harsh on that person, and that I might regret saying the things I said later on. So I removed it and replaced it with the post below. In the end I removed it and in its place, blogged about something inane and irrelevant. Sometimes, we just have to control our actions. Anyway, was just looking through my drafts when I saw that post again. I’m so proud of it so I shall post it now. If that person was to ever read it now, it wouldn’t make sense at all anyway.

“I shall not stoop to your level and call you names;
For what I have, you may never enjoy
And what you have, I do not covet.”

Cool right?


Written by smudgi3

May 23, 2005, Monday at 23:58

Posted in Insanity

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